The two aspects of Zanshin

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Sensei ( Manaka) spoke a lot about Zanshin today (probably for a reason…)
He told us that there were basically two kinds of  Zanshin. First is keeping your guard up after a technique is finished.  This aspect of Zanshin,
 “Should be clearly seen as you stop in the final position for several beats, then back up to your starting position all the while keeping Zanshin on your opponent.”
He went on to say that what he wants to see is (for example in Jutte)
“Keep the boshin 棒身on the opponent’s eyes as you back up and wait until he/she has gone into kamae before returning to your own Kamae.”
This first part of Zanshin could, in my words, be termed  Keikai-shin 警戒心, or wariness/caution.
The next part of Zanshin that Sensei talked about was what I would group under the term Jihi 慈悲.  It refers to the time when you have the opponent under your control and instead of just “going for the win” (in this case killing) as you would in a sport, you consider the opponent as a person and the fact that he has a life and family and how you would feel in the same position.  In other words compassion.
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