Practice Acts of Resistance (Sveneric BOGSATER)

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From the book of Sveneric BOGSATER : POINTS OF VIEW



You, who accepted to walk the path of Budô, should be able to complete some “acts of resistance”. Let me give some examples to explain what I mean.

Before your physical training, (After some practice, when you better understanding it), make up your mind to complete the exercise, independent of how hard or difficult it may be. Your goal should be to be able to complete the hardest and most difficult exercise on your own, directed by pure strong will. You should learn to direct your body, and decide by yourself which achievement you’re reaching for. Other acts of resistance could be that you force yourself to wake up very early some morning, even when not necessary, when you are free in the weekend for example, or go on a diet, or to not drink alcohol (If you do drink that will say) in a time limit you have set up for yourself. As I said, even if it is not necessary, do it! The reason is to train and develop your strong will.

Also emotional acts of resistance are possible, and should be performed when needed. It could be to force yourself to do something you don’t like to do. I often say to the people I train with, that when they don’t like to go to the training, but rather stay home to relax, looking at a video or something similar, after having a busy and hard day, they should force them self to go to the dojo. You should force yourself to do so, even if you don’t like to, simply because you have a reason to do it.

Mental acts of resistance could be to force yourself, using your strong will, to reach a certain goal in your studies, in your work or daily life-situation. Use self discipline to reach the goal you have set up for yourself.

Acts of resistance using your strength of will, do lead, in time, to a strengthened will and the capability to fulfill what you have started. It is simply said – everyday practical Budô; it is the martial way. The correct study of Budô leads to perfection of mind and body, which in turn leads to developing qualities of respect and courtesy.

Methods of, or routines for physical and mental discipline are important for your self- development, and your self-knowledge because without that you will not be able to have any control over yourself. If you can’t control yourself, you will instead become a spiritual grown-up remainder, in the spiritual sense, a child. To know yourself is to understand what you can and what you can’t. This is of great importance if it should come to a real life situation.

The fifth precept tell us :  Have both your time and mind fully engaged in Budô, and have your mind deeply set on Bujutsu.



Third book : Points of view


3 thoughts on “Practice Acts of Resistance (Sveneric BOGSATER)

    Stefan Rehnström said:
    19/05/2014 at 08:49

    Thank´s for confirming that I do the right thing, did not see this as a budo thing, but now I got a broader picture. Thank´s again Sensei Sven-Eric

    Stefan Rehnström said:
    19/05/2014 at 08:54

    Where can I Buy the book?

      bujinkan gard responded:
      19/05/2014 at 08:56

      The 3 books are no more availables for the moment. Maybe it will be reprint the 3 in 1.
      the best thing to do is to ask directly to the author !

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