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Another sample from the book 3 of Sveneric BOGSATER : Points of view


I have used the word ”basics” and the word ”fundamentals” ; I may have been giving the impression that i consider them to be the same.

Well, I don’t, and this is something Very important. It is a big issue actually. When teaching and practicing the basics and the fundamentals of a system, you must be clear over the difference and what the main point of basics is, and what the core of fundamentals is.

Particularly if you teach you must have this very clear for you, and you must be able to self understand the difference. As you must understand and be clear over the difference between Budô as being the martial culture and Taijutsu as being the martial activity.

Okay, back to the subject of basics and fundamentals.


Basics; as I see it, can be considered a component part of something larger. A beginning if you like. Therefore it can be seen as something quite simple, something you can feel being degrading to practitioners teach. Especially if you are a black belt or consider yourself as high ranked martial artist with a large portion of importance.

It is important as I said to be clear about what you mean with Basics since we all are different and may use the same expression while meaning different things. The teacher may think of it as fundamentals. While the student thinks of it as something being degraded to a “simple” beginner’s level of training because he isn’t good enough.


Fundamentals; is what something arises from. It is the definition of the principles the system is built upon. “It is what makes it work”. And this is in my opinion a large difference from the basics moves of the training in its initial stage.

In my experience, as I travel around, doing what I can for Bujinkan Budô Taijutsu in many different places and cultures I dare to say that much of the basics are not taught well enough and that the fundamentals are being in many cases, lost in the teaching.

Let’s take how to deliver a punch as an example; it is sometime quit ridiculous to see how it has been taught, both as a basic technique and as what makes it work.

When you know the type of technique, in this case, a specific type of punch, you must ask yourself what makes this punch works. That’s the fundamental of the basics. This is why I always say “Study movements more then you study the technique”. We have to be clear about what it is that makes things work as we practice. For me, this is the purpose within training to get it to work, isn’t it ?

How many times have you heard from your instructor what makes it work just taking punching and striking as an example. Have you ever heard these types of statements from your teacher ?

“When striking, don’t deliver any type of strike or a punch until you are steady on your feet and well balanced”

“Focus the strike without any appreciable thought of strength”

Maybe you have heard it, maybe you haven’t…….



From his book “Points of view”


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