Feeling is Art

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Shiro Kuma

Steve Olsen in his beautiful book “Masaaki Hatsumi Dojo Art” dedicated to Sensei’s calligraphies explains that:
“Sensei teaches at a level beyond technique. “Feeling” Sensei often reminds us, is what is most important. And how can a feeling be taught? Art. It’s up to us to learn technique and transcend so we can apply his art in our lives. That, in my opinion, is the proper purpose of our training. ”

Nagato sensei in a recent class said that learning this art follows (or requires) a three-step process.

We first learn “consciously” the technique. Then with time, we do it “unconsciously”. Until one day we do things “miraculously”. This miracle is the essence of Sensei’s art and it is only about feeling. This is the transcending of the forms that Steve explains in his book. Without the ability to transcend the forms, the Bujinkan is not better than any other…

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