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At this time of year and over the next few weeks I start to get more enquiries from prospective students. New Year resolutions and the desire to get in shape or learn a new skill drive people forward to contact me.

If thinking about getting involved with our training firstly be clear with yourself about your objectives and reasons for starting. Martial arts training is not a distraction or a thing you pick up and put down. It involves hours of practice in the classroom and out of it to get any where. Our training is not driven by achievement of belts or status, trophies or other trappings. If interested in these things – don’t get in touch. Look elsewhere.

Secondly, recognise that you will find it hard. You won’t be able to do much in the short term. You will see some progress obviously – even if it’s learning how to fall safely you will learn something every lesson, but you won’t be able to do everything easily first time. That’s why we train – to acquire the skills.

Thirdly – you will get hit and thrown about. It’s martial arts training. Not the brownies. Clearly you won’t be beaten up and pulverised as a beginner – you will be handled with an understanding that you are new to this but over time the pressure being applied will increase as your skills begin to develop. For some this is not for them – even people who have done martial arts before they may have done non contact training. No one really likes getting hit but without an element of this stimulus you are not learning martial arts. Join a boxer-cise class or take up some other way of keeping in shape if that’s your goal.

Lastly, if you do make contact either by email or phone this first interaction is important. You get judged on how you present yourself and in effect it’s an interview. I don’t need loads of students nor necessarily want them. I have a core group of people who train and keep everything ticking over. New people are welcome and it’s great if someone starts who is keen and interested plus shows commitment. Training is a privilege and not a universal entitlement. If I feel your presence will not be beneficial for the group or the training then you will not be welcome.

Having stated all of the above if you feel you have the qualities and commitment to get involved in our classes please get in contact. We will be running a beginners course in the New Year so hopefully we will see you then.

See you at training.


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