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From ura & omote archives

September 1995:
Kyusho: Pressure Points

  1. Ura Kimon, the gap between the 4th and 5th ribs right under the nipples.
  2. Yanagi Kaze, the Adam’s Apple.
  3. Rangiku (or Kasumi), the temple.
  4. Hiryûran, the eyeball.
  5. Shishiran (or Suigetsu), the area a little bit lower than the pit of the stomach.
  6. Kosei (or Suzu), the testicles.
  7. Yû Kasumi, the soft dimpled area right behind the earlobe.
  8. Tsuyu Kasumi, directly under the ear.
  9. Ryûmon, the soft dimpled area on/near the clavicle.
  10. Jyujiro, the front part of the shoulder bone.
  11. Jyaku Kotsu (or Hoshi Shita), the gap between the upper and lower bones of the arm at the elbow joint.
  12. Daimon, the gap near the shoulder joint.
  13. Asagasumi, the chin.
  14. Hoshi, the armpit.
  15. Kimon, the nipple.
  16. Kinketsu, the ribs.
  17. Koshitsubo, inside the hip bones.
  18. Koe, the leg joint at the lymph nodes.
  19. Tenmon, above and below the eyes and nose.
  20. Amado, the area where the lymph glands are, about two inches below the ear.
  21. Jin Chû, the area below the nose, above the upper lip.
  22. Hachi Yô, the ear.
  23. Menbu, the face and the forehead.
  24. Shoku Kotsu, the Adam’s Apple.
  25. Gorin (Tsuki Kage), the right side of the area around the navel, alongside the navel.
  26. Gorin (Inazuma), the left side of the area around the navel, alongside the navel.
  27. Sai, the inner thigh, specifically the left inner thigh.
  28. Usai, the right inner thigh.
  29. Yaku, the calf.
  30. Matsukaze, the areas left and right of the throat’s indention.
  31. Murasame, the area immediately below the Adam’s Apple.
  32. Hoshisawa, the elbow joint.
  33. U-in, the area immediately below the right eye.
  34. Sa-in, the area immediately below the left eye.
  35. Tentô, the top of the head.
  36. Shin Chû, the chest.
  37. Wakitsubo, the root of the thumb.
  38. Butsumetsu, the side of the ribs.
  39. Kyôkei, the top of the five toes.
  40. Hadome, one inch below the ear lobe.

Thanks to Rob A Boger!
Translation and images by Rob A.Boger


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